Listening & Client Advocacy

5 Ways to Listen Better
Julian Treasure from a presentation at the TED Conference.

In our louder and louder world, says sound expert Julian Treasure, "We are losing our listening." In this short, fascinating talk, Treasure shares five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening -- to other people and the world around you.

Visual Presentation & Power Point

Presentation Zen
Garr Reynolds’ blog on issues related to professional presentation design.
Author of:
Presentation Zen,  Presentation Zen DESIGN and The Naked Presenter: Delivering Powerful Presentations With or Without Slides.

Nancy Duarte Website of  Slide:ology – The art and science of creating great presentations and Resonate: Present visual stories than transform audiences
Check out the reading list link on the books page of this website for lots of great presentation resources.

Beyond Bullet Points
Cliff Atkinson – Author of the book   Beyond Bullet Points
How to make better presentations using Power Point.

Volunteer Management

Energize, Inc.

Energize, Inc. is an international training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in volunteerism. If these words are in your vocabulary--community service, membership development, auxiliary, community organizing, service-learning, lay ministry, pro bono work, supporter, friends group, political activist, service club-- we can help!! Founded in 1977, Energize has assisted organizations of all types with their volunteer efforts--whether they are health and human service organizations, cultural arts groups, professional associations, or schools.

Free Management Library
Article: Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs

Adult Learning Theory

Twelve Principles for Effective Adult Learning

How Adults Really Learn and Evangelism

David Kolb's Learning Styles Model and Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)

Non-for-Profit Management & Marketing

50 Best Blogs for Non-Profit Leaders

Trainer Delivery & Public Speaking

Can Speak– Christopher Barnett -
Tips on Speech Delivery
Effective Speech Writing – The Importance of Theme by Melissa Kelly

Putting All the Pieces Together - Effective Speech Writing by Melissa Kelly
How to Write A Good Speech


Adam Taylor Bond:  Connecting the Gospel and the Millennial Generation

Professional Training & Speaking Organizations

ASTD - American Society for Training and Development
Most states have state-run chapters. Check online for resources in your area.

Toastmasters International
For nearly a century, Toastmasters International has been helping women and men of every background, education level and economic standing develop the competency they need to become effective communicators and inspired leaders.