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Hi, I'm Cyndi Philkill and I am glad that you visited my website.

Self Portrait 2I have been working with Pregnancy Centers and other helping ministries since 1982, first as a  volunteer, then 13 years as an Executive Director of the Greater Baltimore Crisis Pregnancy Center and then as the author and trainer of the Equipped to Serve training curriculum. I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Training from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.


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Visiting a children's home in South Africa.

It was during my time in Baltimore when I became increasingly uncomfortable with how I had been trained to interact with clients. I began praying for God to show me how to care for women and their unborn children in a way that did not force me to choose one over the other. I began re-reading and studying Jesus' interaction with women in scripture and began to see a way forward.




Videotaping the training in South Africa

Videotaping the training in South Africa

As I worked on my Masters degree and learned much about Adult Learning Theory, I finally felt as if I had the platform upon which I could build what I had been studying and praying about for so many years. Slowly but surely with the help of my co-worker Suzann Walsh, the Equipped to Serve training curriculum was developed. Over the years, a variety of other training materials and methods of delivery (see my products page) has been added to the Equipped to Serve training materials. The material continues to be tweaked and improved as I learn from those I train and those who have been using the training materials for many years. The training material has been translated into Spanish.



My first overseas training trip to Kampala, Uganda. We had to print, pack and bring all the training materials.


The Equipped to Serve training has been taught by either myself or other trainers who have been invited to come to Centers across the globe and share how to minister and not manipulate. The training has been shared across many countries in Africa, South America, Latin America, Russia, and China.





Training in Cape Town, South Africa

I have recently added a blog to my website in order to delve deeper into several areas:

  1. To help Pregnancy Centers and other helping ministries to deliver a strong training and supervision program for their volunteers
  2. To help Pregnancy Centers to strive for excellence and a personal, respect-filled, relationship-building approach to serving their clients


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Here is a short video that shows a bit of my life and the things I loves in addition to listening, training and speaking.