A Letter from South Africa

MotherChild-horizAs many of you know, I have been working with organizations in Africa that reach out to women and vulnerable children since 2001. I have made many trips to Africa to train volunteers and then trainers who could carry on the training spreading it across many African countries. It has been one of my greatest joys to work with these Pregnancy Centers and other ministries. Many of you have encouraged and supported me in these efforts.

I thought I would share a letter with you from Laurie Edwall the Executive Director of a Pregnancy Center in George, South Africa. She is a Master Trainer who has been using ETS for many years and training other trainers to use the material in their various ministries. I hope you are encouraged as I was in reading how Equipped To Serve is impacting the volunteers and clients through the pregnancy ministry in George. 

Dear Cyndi

Hello from George!  I've been intending to write this email for a while...

First of all, Dean has gone to a Youth for Christ General Assembly in Thailand (530 staff from 71 countries) and he shared a small workshop on Options ministry and we put Equipped to Serve in the power point as a resource.  I'm not sure yet who attended the workshop but I just wanted to alert you about it in case you get inquiries!!  I "sell" ETS whenever I can!

Monia and I finished a course about three weeks ago.  We had such an amazing experience with the group...training ETS continues to get better and better.  Monia's skill is honed so well - her counselling is excellent and her training is being fed by what is happening in the counselling room.  We continue to see people deeply challenged spiritually along the way in the training and it’s life-changing as we worked through the 7 Fundamentals.

In this particular course, the Steps to the Cross [exercise] was so deep - deep because of the pain that people have been through and deep because of the impact of opening up.  Several have been in a very awful place because of trauma that has happened but it seems that they have decided to continue the journey towards God and not stay where they've been for a while.  That is huge.  What I loved was that one person who has been through quite a lot of trauma drew her steps to the cross as normal. Then she drew the cross around her whole picture.  I've thought a lot about that.

We were thrilled in that a Social Worker who attended ETS commented that it surpassed her expectations - and I think she will be a trainer at some point in the future!!

I just want to say that it seems that the Lord keeps using ETS beyond the pregnancy center counselling.  The skills are helping families communicate and understand each other and especially parents work with their kids more lovingly.  I know that both Brian and Lissa (in the Seychelles) and Mike and Cynthia (in Zambia) are training teachers who are impacting teenagers in their classrooms and in counselling.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that some day when you get to heaven, there is going to be a lot of fruit from your ministry that you never knew about!

Of course in the pregnancy counselling it's powerful.

So I just wanted to send you a little encouragement from South Africa!  I look forward to when you will be able to come visit us again.


The Edwalls
Youth For Christ Southern Cape
George, South Africa


A Letter from South Africa — 2 Comments

  1. Dearest Cyndi,
    So wonderful to hear how God’s work through you is spreading blessings around the world.
    You may remember me as the director of the Salida Pregnancy Center from years ago. I was fortunate enough to take the volunteer and train the trainer classes from you. Over the years many volunteers benefited from your wonderful training.
    God brought my work as the director to an end in 1997 and then led me to my current role as the Family Health Coordinator for Chaffee County. In my work, the skills have stood me in good stead. Now, my staff would like to have the Ministry of Listening training that I have told them about.
    I can’t seem to find how to order that tool and am hoping you can help.
    Oh, God is now leading me back to the Salida Pregnancy and Family Center in the capacity of a strategic planning facilitator and soon to be Board President.
    It is all such a joyous mystery!!
    Your sister in the fields,
    Cheryl Walker

  2. Cyndi
    I used to be the Director of the Murfreesboro Pregnancy Support Center and attended many of your Train the Trainer workshops. I am now the Executive Director of the Middle Tennessee Youth for Christ in Murfreesboro. After reading this letter from Laurie, I wanted to tell you that I use Equipped to Serve bits and pieces for our volunteers at Youth for Christ BUT we really need a training program geared to YFC that incorporates your training methods! If you ever make a pitch to YFC please let me know and I will endorse you FULLY!

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