SA Training Materials

SA Training Materials Pregnancy Volunteer Training Manual - R180 each

You expect your volunteers to be their very best in the counseling room. they expect you to teach them how. This manual contains exercises, case studies, and self-reflection questions to enhance application of the Seven Fundamentals taught in this manual. Full of illustrations and clearly written, this curriculum prepares volunteers for the work we are calling them to do as advocates for our clients. Can be used as a self-study in conjunction with CD Self Study Program on a computer (see below).


Ministry of Listening Volunteer Training Manual - R 180 each

This version of the training manuals is for use in ministries that are not Pregnancy-specific. This manual is currently being used in a variety of ministries in South Africa caring for women, vulnerable children, and providing HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.

The Seven Fundamentals of good listening are taught within a variety of contexts and problems that counselors in helping ministries will encounter. The manual contains similar exercises, case studies and self-reflection exercises found in the pregnancy manual. The illustrations are the same and with a few modifications, it can be used with the CD Self Study Program as well.


SA Leader Manual 2Leader's Manuals - R180 each

Filled with teaching outlines, visual aids, experiential learning exercises. The training is divided into 8 three-hour sessions. Each teaching session includes pages to be used for transparencies, handouts and practice exercises.

Extensive supplemental training information includes adult learning theory, training methods, how to use visuals, role of the trainer, conducting successful role-plays, dozens of experiential learning activities, training resources and bibliography.

SA Leader Manual 2There are Leader's Manual available in both the Pregnancy Training Version and the Ministry of Listening Version of the volunteer Manuals.

Please make sure you specify which Leader's Manual you are ordering either:

Pregnancy Training Leader's Manual
Ministry of Listening Leader's Manual


Power Point Visuals - R100

If you have the resources available to use Power Point, this presentation is a great replacement for overheads and a supplement to using the recommended flipcharts. Each training session has it's own presentation and the program utilizes all the graphic images from the manual for a seamless visual reinforcement of the Equipped to Serve concepts and Fundamentals.


Self Study Training Program - R275 includes postage

This computer-based training program walks your volunteers through the Equipped to Serve Volunteer Training manual on their own. The program includes video introductions and content reviews by co-author Cyndi Philkill and interactive exercises so trainees can practice the skills they are learning. The Self Study Training consists of 3 CDs. The first 2 CDs are the training program and the 3rd CD contains all the worksheets, checklists, instructions, and answer sheets both trainee and supervisor will need to complete the program.


Equipped to Serve Training Program on DVD
R950 for 8 DVDs & Training Booklet

This training features co-author Cyndi Philkill teaching the training on 8 DVDs. The training was filmed in Rustenberg, South Africa and covers the Seven Fundamentals and features two role-plays showing how the Fundamentals are used within a listening session with discussion and evaluation following each role-play. There is an accompanying instructional booklet outlining how the DVD training can be used in a classroom setting or by trainees using the Self Study Program (see the Self Study Program above.)


Equipped to Serve Case Study Role-plays

Three Role-plays on three separate DVDs. Watch Cyndi Philkill show how the Seven fundamentals are used in a listening session with clients representative of the Case Studies found in the pregnancy manual. There is one pregnancy role-play (Tianna or Noxolo) and two negative test role-plays (Gloria and Joanne.) there is an extensive discussion with members of a training class that viewed the role-play following the Tianna (Noxolo) and Gloria role-plays. There is no discussion following the Joanne role-play.


Male Training Supplement for Pregnancy Manual - R20

 In an attempt to provide Centers with the materials they need to equip male volunteers for the ministry of listening I have developed what I am calling the Male Training Supplement. It did not seem reasonable to create an entirely new manual for men. But what I did create were pages designed for men. When training a male volunteer you can take certain pages out of the existing volunteer manual and replace them with pages from the Male Training Supplement. The page numbers in the Male Training Supplement are exactly the same page numbers. You could also just add them in as extra pages, for example, leaving the female Case Studies for the men to view as well.

Here is what the Male Training Supplement is comprised of:

  1. New Case Studies   The Client section of the manual, can be replaced with Case Studies for men. What if Noxolo, Sondra and Lisa brought their boyfriends with them to the Center? What would their stories look like? I created three Case Studies for their boyfriends Vuyo, Shaun and Patrick. The questions for reflection have been changed to reflect gender differences as well. The last page of this section is the "Review for Section Two" and the questions have been altered slightly to help male volunteers review what they have learned and apply that learning to male clients.
  2. RIGHT Communication Skills Section   This whole section has been changed to speak to the male volunteer trainee. All of the language is geared toward men and all the practice exercises have been changed to things guys might say in the counseling room. All the listening skills from Reflective Listening through the reprise of the poem" Today We Talked" have been modified.
  3. Sexual History Survey for Men   (Your Own Sexual History) has been changed to apply to men and their sexual history. Since the page numbers are the same the female page can be removed and the male sexual history inserted.
  4. The Negative Test   What I have done is create Case Studies for the male counterparts of our three female Case Studies. The Case Studies of Jim, Todd and Frank tell the story from their perspective. The questions for reflection have also been altered some to reflect the Male Case Studies and what is reasonable for a male counselor in the context of crisis counseling. The Making Transitions section has also been altered to reflect male scenarios. There is also a new Role Play Observation Sheet and Review for Section Seven.