South Africa

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South AfricaHistory of Equipped to Serve in South Africa
Basically self-explanatory,  this is a brief history of how Equipped to Serve came to be in South Africa.


ToolsTraining Materials - What is Available and How to Order
Find out what materials are available in South Africa and how and where to order Equipped to Serve training materials within the country of South Africa.


Master Trainers
Do you need someone to train your organization? Do you need to train a person in your organization to be able to use and train the Equipped to Serve curriculum? We have Master Trainers in South Africa who are able to help you with your training needs. This page lists most of  the Master Trainers throughout South Africa and how you can get in touch with them.

Testimonies from men and women who have attended Equipped to Serve training and trainers who have used the Equipped To Serve curriculum.